whats a wav car

Wav cars are especially designed for those families who are interested in keeping their family members with them, if they are unable to walk or they are using wheelchair to lead normal life. These vehicles are therefore designed by altering the ones available in market; however they are designed with additional features to provide comfort and protection both, throughout the journey. Minivans and SUVs are preferred over all the other vehicles, which are used for this purpose as they are designed in a manner that space can be extended in them.

Benefits of wav cars

· Standard specifications and the purpose of buying these fiat motability cars are to adjust wheelchair in them perfectly, however if you are looking for any additional feature, you must ask for it, when getting a one.

· Look for the rear dimensions when getting a car, as this is required for extra comfort. Depending on the patient size and weight, it can be complicated to move the wheelchair, however excellent rear is helpful for this.

If your patients are required to move from one location to another for treatment purpose, this can be do through these vehicles, therefore these can be ordered by any health bodies as well.